President’s colour’ to Tamil Nadu Police

Recently, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu M. K. Stalin received the “President’s colour to Tamil Nadu Police” at an event held at Rajarathinam Stadium in Chennai. President’s colour was given by Vice-President of India M. Venkaiah Naidu.


  • Tamil Nadu Police has become one among few law enforcement agencies in India to receive the “President’s colour”.
  • To commemorate the achievement, each police officer in the service would be given a medal.
  • President’s colour for Tamil Nadu Police were approved on August 19, 2009. But it took a long year to present it.

Why Tamil Nadu Police received this award?

Tamil Nadu Police is among the best force in India. It is renowned for giving exemplary service. Tamil Nadu is also the home to India’s first women’s commando unit. However, a lot needs to done to provide then equal opportunities as well as encourage police officers to be sensitive towards crimes against women.

President’s Colour Award

It is the highest honour, bestowed upon any military unit in India. the award is also called as ′Nishaan′. Nishaan represents an emblem worn by all unit officers on left-hand sleeve of their uniform. Award is presented by Supreme Commander of Armed Forces of India, that is The President. Presentation of the award acknowledge the meritorious services of the unit. Earlier, this colour was carried into battle. Now, this practice has stopped. However, the tradition of receiving, parading and holding the Colour still continues in the Armed forces. As a part of this award, ‘Standards’ are presented to Heavy Cavalry and ‘Guidons’ are presented to Light Cavalry.



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