PM’s ‘State of the World’ Address at Davos- Highlights

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, virtually delivered his ‘State of the World’ special address at World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Davos Agenda on January 17, 2022.

Highlights of the address

  • In his address, Prime Minister underlined the role played by India in handling Covid-19 led crisis and managing vaccination drive.
  • He highlighted the need to reshape and restructure international organisations, like United Nations.
  • With data, figure and facts on Covid-19 pandemic, he presented India a future technology as well as an economic powerhouse of the world.
  • He also showcased India as an indispensable member of world community.

India’s record on Covid-19 vaccination

According to Prime Minister, India has set a record of administering 1.6 billion Covid vaccine shots. Country has also stood with other countries which were in need amid the pandemic. India follows the vision of ‘One Earth, One Health’. It has supplied Covid vaccines and life-saving drugs to about 150 nations.

Future tech and economic powerhouse

Prime Minister Modi presenting India as one the world’s future tech and economic powerhouse. He explained the economic and tech reforms taking place in India. According to this, those days are gone when India’s business space was badly disrupted by government control. Presently, government has removed around 25,000 such hurdles to start a business in country.

Way to deal with climate change

Prime Minister suggested a for the world to deal with challenges like climate change. He underlined the need for the world to start thinking about life-style, which is damaging our environment. According to him, Indian culture still banks on its age-old traditions of preserving environment.



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