Nasal Covid Vaccine Gets Regulatory Nod for further trials

India’s first nasal vaccine against COVID-19 has received the nod to conduct phase 2 and 3 clinical trials by the Department of Biotechnology.

Key Points

  • Nasal Covid Vaccine has been developed by Bharat Biotech.
  • Vaccine has successfully completed Phase 1 clinical trial in age groups of 18 to 60 years.
  • According to the officials, doses of this vaccine administered to healthy volunteers in Phase I clinical trial were well-tolerated.
  • It was found to be safe, immunogenic and well tolerated during the pre-clinical toxicity studies.
  • It was able to evoke high level of neutralizing antibodies in studies on animals.
  • The nasal vaccine is the first of its kind COVID-19 vaccine that is undergoing human clinical trials in India.

About the nasal vaccine

Bharat Biotech has developed the first ever nasal vaccine called BBV154. It is a novel adenovirus vectored; intranasal vaccine developed to build immunity against COVID-19. The vaccine stimulates a broad immune response which neutralizes IgG, mucosal IgA, as well as T cell responses. It has been developed with the view that, Immune responses at the site of infection (nasal mucosa) is needed to block both infection and transmission of COVID-19. Bharat Biotech has brought and in-licensed this technology from Washington University, St Louis in US.

Significance of the vaccine

  • This vaccine is significant because the nasal route has high potential to vaccination due to organized immune systems of nasal mucosa.
  • It is Non-invasive and Needle-free.
  • It does not require trained health care workers for its administration. Thus, it could increase the pace of vaccination.
  • It eliminates the needle-associated risks like injuries and infections.


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