Philippines: Tropical Storm Ma-On

Recently, a tropical storm hit the northern Philippines, injuring at least three people and displacing thousands. Authorities then closed schools and government offices in several provinces, including the capital, where flooding and landslides were likely.

Tropical Storm ‘Ma-on’ weakened slightly after passing through the mountainous northern provinces after reaching the city of Maconakon in Isabella, according to meteorologists. The strongest impact of the storm was felt in the northern tip of the Luzon region.

Tropical cyclone

It is a rapidly rotating storm system. It is characterized by low-pressure center, strong winds, closed low-level atmospheric circulation and spiral arrangement of thunderstorms producing heavy rain.

Based on location and strength, tropical cyclone is referred by different names like hurricane typhoon, tropical storm, tropical depression, cyclonic storm or cyclone. Hurricane is a tropical cyclone occurring in Atlantic Ocean and north-eastern Pacific Ocean. Typhoon occurs in north-western Pacific Ocean.



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