Performance Assessment Review and Analysis of Knowledge for Holistic Development (PARAKH)

The Government of India recently launched PARAKH to assess the performance of secondary and higher secondary students. Different states in the country are following different assessment procedures to evaluate their students. Because of the variations, students are facing difficulties during their college admissions. PARAKH will bring uniformity to the analysis procedures.

PARAKH – A Part of National Education Policy, 2020

The National Education Policy, of 2020 brought in several changes to the education system of the country. Major changes were at the school level. The concept was PARAKH was one among them. The policy aims to achieve inclusion and excellence. PARAKH will help in achieving inclusion. How so? Difference in evaluation patterns seldom affects the college admissions of students. For instance, the state board students face more difficulties to compete with the CBSE school students. This is because of differences in syllabus, exam pattern, and above all the differences in evaluation.

PARAKH – A part of NCERT

PARAKH is to function under NCERT. NCERT is the National Council of Education Research and Training. In fact, PARAKH was launched by NCERT.

What will PARAKH do?

  • PARAKH will release guidelines to the state and central boards
  • It will remove the disparities in scoring school students from different states
  • PARAKH Will provide new assessment patterns to the state boards

Functions of PARAKH

  • PARAKH is to function in three major areas namely examination reforms, school-based assessments, and large scale assessments
  • It will work with international organizations and education boards
  • PARAKH will conduct National Achievement Survey




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