Parliament House of India

The Lok Sabha officially designated the new Parliament building as the “Parliament House of India” in a notification issued on September 18. Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha held their sittings in the new Parliament building on the same day.

The proceedings in both houses were adjourned after discussing parliamentary democracy’s evolution over the last 75 years, with the new Parliament building hosting sessions starting the next day.


The new Parliament building is situated in New Delhi, east of the existing Parliament House. It is bounded by Raisina Road to the south and Red Cross Road to the north.

Central Hall program

Preparations are underway for a Central Hall program at the old Parliament building, commemorating India’s parliamentary legacy and expressing a resolve to make India a developed nation by 2047.

New Dress Code

The new dress code includes khaki trousers, cream-colored jackets, cream shirts with pink lotus motifs for men, bright-colored sarees with jackets for women, and turbans for marshals. Security personnel will wear camouflage pattern clothes similar to those worn by military personnel.

Recent Discussions

Both houses discussed the evolution of parliamentary democracy in India over the last 75 years. The proceedings were adjourned, and it was decided that sessions would commence in the new Parliament building starting the next day.



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