Palli: India’s First ‘Carbon-neutral Panchayat’

Palli village located in the Samba district of Jammu has become India’s first panchayat to become carbon neutral, fully solar energy powered, and all its records have been digitized which will help in receiving all benefits of Central schemes easily.


  • Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the 500 KW solar plant at this carbon-neutral panchayat.
  • With this inauguration Palli has become the country’s first panchayat to become carbon-neutral.
  • The 500 KW solar plant was set up at Palli in a record three weeks’ time.
  • Palli has played a major step towards the Glasgow goal of making the country carbon-neutral.
  • Palli will now be looked at as a model panchayat, and this will motivate the other panchayats in Jammu and Kashmir, and India to become carbon-neutral.
  • In Palli in a total area of 6,408 square metres 1,500 solar panels have been set up.
  • These solar panels will be providing clean electricity to 340 houses that are located in the panchayat.
  • The electricity that will be generated will be distributed by the local power grid station.

Major push provided to the Panchayats

The central government has been pushing for major technology-related measures, modes of payments, and e-swaraj with the aim of making Panchayats of the country more powerful. The government has plans to improve the Panchayats so that they reach new heights. The panchayats are also being encouraged to reduce the usage of chemical fertilisers and waste segregation.

Carbon Neutrality

This refers to achieving zero carbon dioxide emissions. This can be achieved by balancing carbon dioxide emissions with their removal or through the elimination of emissions. The term carbon neutral is used in the context of energy production, transportation, industry, and agriculture. The term “net-zero” is used to describe a comprehensive commitment to climate action and decarbonization. Net-zero emissions can be achieved only when an organization’s greenhouse gas (CO2-e) emissions are balanced by their removal.



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