Pakistan test fires anti-ship missiles successfully

The Pakistan Navy on April 25, 2020, had successfully test fired anti-ship missiles in the North Arabian sea.


The missiles were fired at sea level from by aircraft and warships from the surface ships. The Pakistan Navy sends strong signals of readiness to encounter enemies upon the success of the testing.

The testing comes during the period where India-Pakistan relations are strained as the Indian Government abrogated Article 370. Article 370 had given special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir earlier.

Anti-Ship Missiles

The Anti-Ship Missiles are those missiles that are used against large boats and ships. The first anti-ship missiles were developed by Germany during the reign of Hitler.

Indian Anti-ship missiles

The anti-ship missiles possessed by India includes BrahMos, Nirbhay, Dhanush, BrahMos II and BrahMos NG. BrahMos missiles were jointly developed by India and Russia.

The Nirbhay anti-ship missile is under development by the Aeronautical Development Establishment operating under DRDO (Defence Research Development Organization). The missile is under flight trails. The first stage of the missile is fired with solid fuel and the second stage with liquid fuel. Till April 2019, six successful trials of the missile have been completed.

Dhanush missile was produced by the DRDO and is a variant of surface to surface Prithvi III missile.


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