Odisha Government’s LAccMI Scheme

The Odisha Cabinet, led by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, has granted approval for the ‘Location Accessible Multi-modal Initiative (LAccMI)’ scheme, aimed at establishing a sustainable, affordable, and safe transportation network for passengers and goods across the state. This initiative seeks to create a seamless public transport network from the Gram Panchayat (GP) level to the state capital, ensuring reliable and cost-effective services. The scheme envisages deploying approximately 1,000 buses over a ten-year tenure, extendable by two years based on performance reviews.

How does the LAccMI scheme prioritize women’s empowerment, and what role will Mission Shakti Self Help Groups (SHGs) play?

A key focus of the LAccMI scheme is women’s empowerment through the provision of safe transport options, encouraging greater participation in the workforce. The Mission Shakti Self Help Groups (SHGs) will be involved in various operational and maintenance activities at the block level.

What is the estimated project cost for the initial three years of bus operations under the LAccMI scheme?

The estimated project cost for the initial three years is around Rs 3,178 crore, with a focus on efficient transportation of agricultural commodities and promoting economic growth.

How will the LAccMI scheme facilitate the transportation of agricultural commodities in Odisha?

The scheme aims to facilitate efficient transportation of agricultural commodities from production sites to marketplaces, Mandis, and commercial hubs. This will ensure timely and cost-effective transport of various agricultural and perishable products.

What hierarchical approach has been taken in planning the bus network under the LAccMI scheme?

The scheme has undertaken bus network planning in a hierarchical manner. It includes the ‘Jagannath Express’ connecting District Headquarters to Bhubaneswar or Puri via Bhubaneswar and ‘LAccMI’ Express providing connectivity between District HQs and major cities. The network will connect Gram Panchayats, Block Headquarters, District Headquarters, major cities, and economic hubs across the state. The implementation will occur in phases.



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