Himachal Pradesh Agriculture Department Launches ‘Mobile Van Program’ to Promote Natural Farming

The Himachal Pradesh Agriculture Department has introduced a ‘Mobile Van Program’ as part of the ‘Prakritik Kheti Khushhal Kisan Yojana’ to advance eco-friendly and natural farming practices. This initiative, launched in Shimla, focuses on delivering fresh, organic produce directly to consumers while promoting organic and chemical-free farming. The scheme’s five-year plan aims at reducing farming costs, increasing income, and protecting human health and the environment. Over 89,000 natural farming farmers have already registered under the scheme, with efforts to expand its reach and create farmer-product enterprises.

What is the objective of the ‘Mobile Van Program’ launched by the Himachal Pradesh Agriculture Department?

The ‘Mobile Van Program’ aims to promote natural farming and eco-friendly practices by delivering fresh, organic produce to consumers and encouraging the adoption of chemical-free farming methods.

What distinguishes natural farming from conventional chemical-based farming, according to C Paulrasu?

Natural farming avoids chemical inputs like pesticides and fertilizers, relying instead on techniques such as crop rotation, green manures, and biological pest control.

What is the target set by the Himachal Government regarding natural farming adoption?

The government aims to connect all 9,61,000 farmers in Himachal Pradesh with the ‘Subhash Palekar Natural Farming’ (SPNF) method to establish the state as a ‘Natural Farming State.’

How does the self-certification system under the plan benefit natural farming farmers?

The self-certification system allows easy identification of natural farming farmers in the market, meeting national and international standards and eliminating the need for annual recertification, making it convenient for farmers.



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