UN resolution on Syria: India refrains whilst Russia, China veto

UNSC resolution on Syria which threatens action against Syria if it did not at once stop the lethal onslaught of anti-regime protesters – India refrained from voting. Russia and China (both permanent members of UNSC) vetoed thus annulling the draft. Other countries that abstained from voting were Brazil, Lebanon and South Africa. Countries voting in favour of the resolution were Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, France, Gabon, Germany, Nigeria, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States. UNSC, a 15 member council has been talking terms of a resolution for more than 3 months. The draft declaration excoriated the brutal onslaught by President Bashar Al-Assad’s forces in opposition to pro-democracy protesters and called for instant end to the violence. Mr. Hardeep Singh Puri (India’s Permanent Representative to the UN) opined that the conduct of the global commune should be such that it eases a participation of the Syrian Govt and the opponents in a Syrian-led all-encompassing political procedure and not make difficult the state of affairs by bullying of sanctions, Government alterations. Mr. Puri further opined that the declaration also didn’t place any liability on the opponents in Syria to renounce violent behaviour and connect with the nation’s authorities for restitution of their grudges by means of peaceful political route.

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