National Sports Development Fund (NSDF)

National Sports Development Fund (NSDF) was established by the central government in 1998 with a view to mobilising resources from the government as well as the non-governmental sources, including the private/corporate sector and non-resident Indians, for promotion of sports and games.

To make contributions to the fund attractive, 100 per cent exemption from income tax is available on all contributions.

The funds available under NSDF are used for promotion of sports in general and specific sports disciplines and individual sportspersons for achieving excellence at the national and international level in particular; imparting special training and coaching in relevant sport disciplines to sportspersons, coaches and sports specialists; to construct and maintain infrastructure as may be required for promotion of excellence in sports; to supply equipment to governmental and non-governmental organizations and individuals with a view to promoting excellence in sports; to identify problems and take up research and development studies for providing support to excellence in sports, etc.

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