National Research Institute for Sowa-Rigpa gets Cabinet nod

?Sowa-Rigpa? commonly known as the Tibetan system of medicine is one of the oldest medical traditions of the world, gets Union Cabinet approval on 20th November 2019 for setting up an autonomous National Institute under Ministry of Ayush in Leh district of Ladakh, at an estimated cost of Rs. 47.25 crore.

Sowa Rigpa originated from Tibet and popularly practiced in various regions of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia, and Russia. The majority of theory and practice of Sowa-Rigpa is similar to ?Ayurveda?.
In India, It is popular in the states of Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal’s Darjeeling and the Union Territory of Ladakh.

The mandate of the Institute will be to preserve and promote the Sowa-Rigpa system of medicine ,develop and strengthen its practice for public health,to conduct research on rich literary wealth of Sowa Rigpa and fundamental,clinical research on various therapies and formularies of Sowa-Rigpa system of medicine,to revalidate Sowa-Rigpa with scientific tools and parameters.

In the future, the government plans for collaboration between the existing Sowa Rigpa institutes, Central Institute of Buddhist Studies in Leh, Central University of Tibetan Studies at Sarnath, Varanasi after setting up the National Institute of Sowa- Rigpa in Leh

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