Nagaland and Manipur celebrate Naga Independence Day

The north-eastern states of the country, Nagaland and Manipur observed the 74th Naga Independence Day on August 14, as per their custom and historical significance.

What happened on the day?

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic situation in the country, the celebrations were muted this year but this year, students led the Independence Day celebrations in the state. They hoisted the Naga National Flag. Nagaland became a free state in the year 1963 though there are still certain factions within the Naga people who want sovereignty for the people of the state.

Background of Naga Independence Day

India became independent in 1947 from the British rule, however, the Nagas under the Naga National Council wanted to remain free. During a plebiscite in 1951, 99% of the population in the state voted for independence of the Nagas. They did not take part also in the first two general elections in the country, taking place in 1952 and 1957.

Constitutional Provisions

In the Constitution of the country, there are separate provisions for governing the states of Nagaland. While the Article 371A in regarding the administration of Nagaland, Article 371C is regarding the special provisions pertaining to Manipur. In both these cases, certain central laws do not apply to the states. Also, the Sixth Schedule of the constitution deals with the special provisions regarding the administration of the North-Eastern states in the country.


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