MoS for Health & Family Welfare inaugurated Digital Population Clock

Union Minister of State for Health & Family Welfare, Bharati Pravin Pawar, inaugurated “Digital Population Clock” on September 10, 2021.

Key Points

  • Minister also presided over the Seminar on Population, Human Capital and Sustainable Development.
  • Digital Population Clock was inaugurated at the Institute for Economic Growth inside the University of Delhi.
  • She also launched a book titled “Infant and Child Mortality in Assam – Demographic and Socio-Economic Interrelations” on the occasion. The book was written by Dr Dipanjali Haloi and Dr Suresh Sharma.
  • During the event, a HMIS Brochure or Ready Reckoner was also launched.

Highlights of the minister’s address

  • In her address minister noted that, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is committed to strengthen the health infrastructure in India and fulfil the Vision of Prime Minister Modi- “Health for All”.
  • According to her, population policy should be made in order to stabilize population and it requires macro as well as micro approach.
  • Government is working to provide everyone clean fuel, house, clean water and health care.

Population Research Centres (PRCs)

Minister noted the role played by Population research centres in carrying research on contemporary issues because population estimation is critical in distribution and access to public goods.

What is the purpose of Population clock?

Population clock was launched in order to provide minute by minute estimate of India’s population. It will also capture data on Total Fertility Rate, Infant Mortality Rate as well as Maternal Mortality Rate. It will help in raising awareness in young generations and conducting research.


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