Who are Karen Rebels?

The Karen Rebels recently seized a military post in Myanmar. The post is located close to the border of north western Thailand.

Who are Karen Rebels?

  • They are the oldest rebel group in Myanmar. They have formed the Karen National Union (KNU). They have been fighting against the Myanmar government since 1949. They are fighting for an independent state called “Kawthoolei”. It is one of the longest running civil wars in the world.
  • The Karen Community is an ethnic minority.
  • In due course of the conflict, more than two hundred thousand have fled to Thailand, the neighbouring country. They have been confined to refugee camps in Thailand.
  • The Karen people are one of the largest ethnic minorities in Myanmar. They constitute a population of five to seven million. There are more than twenty different dialects spoken by Karen (Dialect is a language which is peculiar to a specific group). Pwo and Sgaw are the most widely spoken.

Current Scenario in Myanmar

In February 2021, the Myanmar military took control of the country through a military coup. This ousted the ruling National League for Democracy Party and also the State Councillor Aung San Suu Kyi. The current de facto leader of Myanmar is General Min Aung Hlaing.

ASEAN leaders recently held a summit to call an end for the violence in Myanmar. They have come up with a five -point consensus along with the military leader. India has welcomed ASEAN initiative on Myanmar.


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