Medium-Density Amorphous Ice-MDA Ice

The fact “Water is an abundant element on the earth” is becoming history. The scarcity of water is bringing in new research and leading to new discoveries. One such is the “Amorphous Ice”. Researchers from the University of Cambridge recently created a new form of water. It is called Amorphous ice. Though named ice, its molecular structure is close to water. As it has mixed states of both water and ice, it is called Amorphous ice. Amorphous means no clear state. It is neither water nor ice and hence amorphous ice.

What is amorphous ice?

The molecules in amorphous ice are in chaos. They are not arranged as the molecules in ice. Rather, their molecular structure is very much similar to that of water.

How was Amorphous ice made?

BALL MILLING METHOD. Scientists used this method to create amorphous ice. Ball milling is grinding two more substances together. The collision during the process makes the particles finer and blends them together. The process gives a new form and gives a new shape to the materials.

Scientists grounded crystalline ice and steel bar bearing together. The grinding jar was cooled to -200 degrees Celsius using liquid nitrogen.

Outcomes of the Ball Milling method

After grinding the ice and steel balls together, the scientists expected to get ordinary ice. But they got a white powdery ice form completely new to humans. They named it Amorphous ice.

Properties of Amorphous ice

While warmed and then recrystallized, amorphous ice releases an extraordinary amount of heat. The heat energy released is very high that it may cause ice quakes. Ice quakes are common in planets like Saturn and Jupiter.




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