Khadi Prakritik Paint

The Union Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari is to launch “Khadi Prakritik Paint”.

Who Developed Khadi Prakritik Paint?

Khadi and Village Industries Commission.

What is Khadi Prakritik Paint?

The Khadi Prakritik Paint is a non-toxic eco-friendly paint with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is the first-of-its kind product.

What is the main ingredient of Khandi Prakritik Paint?

The Khadi Prakritik Paint was developed with cow dung as its main ingredient. It is odourless and cost-effective.

Is Khadi Prakritik Paint certified by Bureau of Indian Standards?


What are the two forms of Khadi Prakritik Paint?

The Khadi Prakritik paint is available in two forms namely plastic emulsion paint and distemper paint.

What are the main advantages of Khadi Prakritik paint?

  • The paint is free from heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, chromium, cadmium.
  • The paint will help in doubling farmers income. This is because, the technology adopted in the making of Khadi Prakritik paint will increase consumption of cow dung as raw material for eco-friendly products. This will generate additional revenue to Gaushalas and farmers. The Khadi Prakritik paint is expected to generate an additional income of Rs 30,000 per annum per animal to farmers. On the other hand, utilisation of cow dung will prevent clogging of drains and will clean the environment.

Who tested Khadi Prakritik Paint?

National Test House, Mumbai, National Test House, Ghaziabad and shri Ram Institute for Industrial research, New Delhi.

What are the environmental impacts of normal paint?

They are high in Chromium and Lead. The conventional paints used in day-to-day life release Volatile Organic Compounds during the drying process, that is, after the coating is applied.

What are the environmental labels of paint cans?

The paints are labelled in the following way based on the release of Volatile Organic Compounds:

  • To be labelled as Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), the paint should contain less than fifty grams per litre of VOC.
  • To be labelled as Zero-Volatile Organic Compound, the paint should contain less than five grams per litre of VOC.


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