Japan to join Five Eyes Network

The Five Eyes network comprises of five nations namely Australia, Canada, Britain, US and New Zealand. Japan is now to join the Five Eyes network to become the sixth eye.

About Five Eyes

  • The Five Eyes network collaborated to respond against the increasing threats by China and North Korea.
  • The Five Eyes countries are parties to multilateral UK-USA Agreement. It was a treaty of joint cooperation in signals intelligence.
  • It is an intelligence alliance. The origins of Five Eyes alliance can be tracked to the Atlantic Charter that was issued in August 1941. It laid out the goals for the post-war world.

Atlantic Charter

Atlantic Charter was a statement that was issued on August 14, 1941. It set out British and American goals to the world after World War II.

Five Eyes Economic Pact

In June 2020, the Five Eyes countries signed an Economic Agreement to isolate China. This will increase the supply chain among these countries. China not only manufactures, distributes but has its own market. For instance, the US is dependent on China in sixteen categories, across five sectors. Not only the Five Eyes network, India is also dependent on China, especially in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) imports. India obtains 68% of its API from China.

Of the Five Eyes countries, New Zealand is the second most dependent country on China fot 513 different goods. New Zealand is followed by United States with 414 goods, Canada with 367 goods and UK with 229 goods. Therefore, it is essential for these countries to increase their supply chain to protect their domestic products and also to boost exports.

India in Five Eyes

The United States has sought to add three democratic countries India, South Korea and Japan in Five Eyes Network. According to the US, their intelligence shall be used for both economic and strategic purposes.


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