Italy discovers invisible Galaxy

Italian researchers have discovered a Black Galaxy or Invisible Galaxy using ALMA. ALMA is Atacama Large Millimtre Array (Atacama Desert is in South America). The galaxy discovered is compact. It is young and has interstellar dust. The galaxy is forming new stars at the rate of 1000 times the Milky Way.

About Invisible Galaxy

The galaxy is termed invisible because the light emitted couldn’t be seen from the earth. However, the presence of the galaxy has been discovered using the gravitational lensing technique.

Gravitational Lensing Technique used

Scientists used this technique to discover the galaxy. The technique is generally used to detect dark matter. The galaxy is located at long distances from the earth and also the galaxy is young and compact. This makes it difficult to capture light or other wavelengths emitted by the galaxy. In circumstances where light or its wavelength is not helpful, gravitational lenses come in aid.

The gravitational field created by the invisible galaxy bends light from other galaxies. These lights are studied to learn about the invisible galaxy. The technique where gravitational waves are used to learn about the galaxy is called the gravitational lensing technique.



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