ISSF Shooting World Cup: Rudrankksh Patil of India wins gold

The International Shooting Sport Federation conducts the ISSF World Shooting Championship. It was first held in 1897. The recent 2023 ISSF Shooting World Cup was held in Cairo. India’s Rudrankksh Patil and R Narmada Nithin won gold. This is the first time India wins gold in the competition.

ISSF Shooting World Cup

Rudrankksh won gold in 10 metre Air Rifle. He defeated Ulbrich of Germany with a score of 16-8. Also, the pair Varun Tomar and Rhythm Sangwan won gold in the 10m Air Pistol.

About ISSF World Cup 2023

It is a homogenous system to qualify for the Olympics. The first world cup of 2023 was held in Jakarta. The second, that is, the current happening world cup of 2023 is held in Cairo. The third will be held in Bhopal, India. Fourth at Lima; fifth at Baku, and sixth at Rio de Janeiro.

The current ISSF Shooting World Cup being held in Cairo is for rifles and pistols. The International Shooting Sport Federation also conducts the world cup for shotguns.

Rifles are used for long-range targets. Shotguns are used for short-range.
A pistol differs from a rifle in size. It is a handgun.




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