US returns looted artifacts to Yemen

The United States recently returned 77 artefacts to Yemen. These artefacts were illegally imported into the US soil from Dubai. The returned artefacts include 11 Quran manuscript pages, carved stone heads, bronze bowls, etc. They all belong to the Minean tribal culture of Yemen and are from the 1st century BCE.

Tribes in Yemen

Tribal communities in Yemen are becoming almost extinct! 80-90% of the Yemen population is tribal. Due to the civil war between the Yemeni government and the Houthi forces, they are facing catastrophic disasters. Iran backs Houthi forces. Saudi Arabia supports Yemen Government. The actions of Saudi Arabia in Yemen are backed by US and UK.


The New York State Justice Department has been worlding to return the looted artefacts. The US returned a minimum of 700 artefacts to countries like Greece, Cambodia, Pakistan, Italy, India, Egypt, and Italy.

To India

Under the same initiative under which Yemen Artifacts were returned, the US returned 307 artefacts to India in October 2022. They were worth 4 million USD. In 2021, the US returned 15 million USD worth of antiques to India. In 2016, the US returned 100 million USD worth of artefacts to India.

India received the stolen artefacts not only from the US, but also from the UK, Australia, and several other countries. This was because the Government of India has been putting on pressure to bring these artefacts back to the country.



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