ISRO receives Patent for Liquid Cooling and Heating Garment

The Indian Space Research Organization has received patents for its LCHGs. LCHGs are Liquid Cooling and Heating Garment that are used to provide comfortable temperature to the astronauts in space.

About LCHG

The garment protects the astronauts from hot and cold environments. It removes the sweat of the astronauts. They also help protect the astronauts from humidity and extreme temperature conditions that may exist in work environment. It is used in military and fire-fighting applications.


The patent garment received by the ISRO has an outer layer that is made of polymeric fabric net. The inner layer consists of polymeric fabric tricoting that comes in contact with the wearer. The outer and inner layers are separated by tubes configured to circulate heat transfer through inlet and outlet valves.

Technicalities of the suit

ISRO monitored velocity and air temperature. The coolant flow rate of 100 ml/minute was obtained. Also, the effectiveness of the LCHG system was proved with coolant flow rate of 50-1000 ml per minute.


ISRO has initiated the Human Space Flight Programme, Gaganyaan, to take humans to space by 2022. Under the programme, three astronauts are to orbit the earth at an altitude of 400 kilometres for 7 days.


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