Israel tests advanced missile defense system Arrow-2

The Defence Ministry of Israel has declared that it has conducted a successful test of the country’s advanced defence system against long-range ballistic missiles. The flight-testing of Arrow-2 interceptor was part of Israel’s technological effort that ensures that the country will be one step ahead of its enemies all the time.

Details of the Test

This test was conducted in collaboration with the US Missile Defense Agency. Arrow-2 is part of the multi-layered system that Israel has developed to defend against both short and mid-range rockets fired from Gaza and Lebanon, as well as the long-range missiles developed by Iran. This includes Dome, David’s Sling and the Arrow-3 system –capable of defending against threats from outside the atmosphere.

Arrow -3 System

Israel and the US jointly tested Arrow – 3 successfully last year in Alaska. The system was developed by Israel Aerospace Industries and US Aviation giant Boeing. This became operational in 2017. The Arrow-2 has been in use even longer and has been deployed in recent years to counter Syrian missiles.

Aerial Defense Systems in Israel

The aerial defence systems in Israel were designed to cope with a future war in which it is assumed that the country will be targeted with massive missile fire towards all parts of the country. This Arrow rocket system is designed to intercept the longest-range missiles, including outside the atmosphere.


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