IRNSS Satellite Constellation of India recognized under WWRNS by IMO

The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) has been accepted as a component of the World-Wide Radio Navigation System by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) for its operation in the Indian Ocean Region. This will enable the vessels to use IRNSS to obtain position information similar to GLONASS and GPS.


The navigation system up to 1,500 km in the Indian Ocean waters can now replace GPS. This means that the ships in the Indian Ocean can obtain information from IRNSS for their position at sea.

India has now become the fourth country in the world to have independent regional satellite navigation system and recognized by IMO under its WWRNS.

The entire process to get recognized for the IRNSS took two years.
Also, it increases military security of the country. This is because Indian ships will no longer depend on US or Russian navigational system to obtain position information at sea

What does the IMO recognition mean?

The IMO is an organization of the United Nations. With the recognition, India has become the fourth country after US, Russia and China to have its own navigation systems. With this recognition, the Indian Navigation system is similarly placed along with the popular systems used by vessels for navigation such as GLONASS and GPS. It increases India’s reputation in the Indian Ocean Region.

Who can use IRNSS?

All the security agencies can use IRNSS. Also, the merchant vessels including small fishing boats are authorized to use the system. However, IRNSS is only a regional navigational system and not a global navigational system.

What is IRNSS?

It is an independent regional navigational satellite system that was developed by India. It provides accurate position information services to help ships in their navigation. The GPS is Global Positioning System owned by the United States. GLONASS is Global Navigation Satellite System of Russia. The GLONASS satellite was completed in 1995

The operational name of IRNSS is NavIC. It covers India and 1500 km of region covering India. It has eight constellations in its orbit.


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