INS Garuda Marks 70 Years of Service

INS Garuda, the premier Naval Air Station of the Southern Naval Command located in Kochi, Kerala, recently marked its remarkable 70 years of service to the Indian Navy. With a rich history and significant contributions to naval aviation, INS Garuda holds a unique position as the cradle of naval aviation in India.

Commissioning and Location

On 11 May 1953, INS Garuda was formally commissioned, becoming the oldest Naval Air Station in India. Situated in Kochi, Kerala, it has served as a vital hub for naval aviation operations and advancements.

Operating Oldest to Latest Aircraft

INS Garuda stands out with its distinction of operating both the oldest and latest aircraft in the Indian Navy’s inventory. This dual capability reflects its continuous adaptation to technological advancements and commitment to maintaining a modern and effective air fleet.

Early Days and Kochi Airfield

During the Second World War, the Kochi airfield played a crucial role in setting up an experimental station for the Royal Air Force (RAF). The airfield aimed to develop and test aviation technologies in support of the war efforts.

Pioneering Amphibious Aircraft – Sealanders

INS Garuda has a proud association with the Indian Navy’s first amphibious aircraft, the Sealanders. These aircraft played a significant role in expanding the capabilities of naval aviation and demonstrated the station’s commitment to innovation and versatility.

Decommissioning of ‘HMS Garuda’

In 1942, the Royal Navy established ‘HMS Garuda,’ a dedicated Aircraft Repair Yard, in Peelamedu, Coimbatore. This marks the term “Garuda” being used for the first time in the naval context. The facility was decommissioned on 01 September 1946, marking the end of its service.



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  1. Dr.Cajetan Coelho

    May 12, 2023 at 8:59 pm

    Hearty congratulations. INS Garuda is serving the nation with dedication and distinction.


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