Infosys launches three block-chain powered distributed applications

Infosys announced the launch of three blockchain-powered distributed applications for government services, supply chain management and insurance domains. These applications are equipped with predictive return on investment (ROI) analytics for business investments that can be tailored to meet numerous industry-specific needs.

Key Highlights

These comprehensive applications are designed as ready-to-subscribe business networks, thus, they would ensure quick deployment, interoperability across disparate systems of value chain stakeholders as well as a wide variety of use cases involving other digital technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Analytics among others.

Why are applications Block-chain powered? Enterprises using such applications can capitalize on blockchain’s benefits of trust, transparency and immutability to develop an inter-organisational conduit for strengthening their core business processes across multiple value chain partners having disparate Information Technology (IT) systems.

What is Block-chain Technology?

Block-chain Technology is a decentralized, distributed ledger that records the source of a digital asset, while, Block-chain is a new data structure which is secure and cryptography-based across a network. This technology supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and transfer of any data or digital asset. A blockchain consists of three important concepts- blocks, nodes and miners.


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