India’s first Multi-Modal Logistics park in Assam

On October 20 2020 the Union Minister Nitin Gadkari laid the foundation stone of the first multi modal Logistic Park of India in Assam. The park is being developed under the ambitious bharatmala pariyojana.


The park is to be constructed at Rs 690 3.97 crores. It will provide direct connectivity through rail, road, air and water ways to the people.

Multimodal logistics parks in India

These parks are being developed by the ministry of road transport and highways in selected locations of the country under the Logistic efficiency enhancement programme. This was launched to lower the overall bright cost, reduce vehicular pollution and congestion and cut warehousing cost.


India is burdened with heavy logistics costs. The logistics costs account to 13 % of the value of goods in the country. On the other hand, it is just 8 percentage in other major economies.

The average cost to import or export a container in India is 72 % higher than that of China stop


The Government of India defines multi modal Logistic Park as a freight handling facility encompassing a minimum area of hundred acres. It shall hold various Modes of transport access and comprise of specialised storage solutions, mechanised warehouses, facilities for mechanism material handling, bulk and break-bulk cargo terminals and intermodal transfer container terminals.

Logistics performance index

It is published by World Bank. India ranked 44th in 2018

Bharatmala pariyojana

It was launched by the Union Minister of Road and transport and Highways of India Mr Nitin Gadkari in 2017. It aims to improve road traffic can trade through road transportation. The scheme aims to complete the following targets by 2022

  • National Highway development project works of Ten Thousand kilometres
  • economic corridor of 9000 kilometres
  • inter corridor roads of 6000 km
  • improve efficiency of national corridors of 5000 km
  • border connectivity roads of 2000 kilometre
  • expressways of 800 km
  • post connectivity roads of 2000 km


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