Cabinet Expansion in Madhya Pradesh; 28 ministers appointed

On July 2, 2020, 28 MLAs of the Madhya Pradesh Assembly took oath as ministers


There are now 34 ministers in the cabinet of Mr Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Earlier there were only 5 ministers when the government was formed in March 2020. Chouhan had taken oath as Chief Minister of the state after 22 MLAs of the Congress led government resigned.

Article 72

According to Article 72, the council of ministers appointed by the Prime Minister shall not exceed 15% of the number of members in the house. This includes all the members (including the opposition) that had won the parliamentary election.

This percentage limit was brought by the 91st constitutional amendment.

Article 164

The Article 164 provides several provisions to the council of ministers. Article 164(1)(A) states that the number of ministers including the chief minster in a state shall not exceed 15% of the total members of the assembly.

Article 152-237 deals with constitutional features related to states. Of this Articles 163-164 deals with the council of ministers of state.


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