India will overtake Germany; Become 4th largest economy in the world in 2026

According to a report released by UK based Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), India will overtake Germany in 2026 to become the world’s fourth largest economy. The report also said that by 2034, India will overtake Japan and become third largest economy in the world


Today, India is the fifth largest economy in the World after US (20.49 trillion USD), China (13.41 trillion USD), Japan (4.97 trillion USD) and Germany (4 trillion USD). In 2019, India had successfully overtaken France and Germany to reach rank 5.

The CEBR report said that India will achieve its 5 trillion USD target by 2026. The report titled “World Economic League Table” obtains most of the data from IMF’s World Economic Outlook report.


The CEBR provides independent economic forecasting to 100s of public and private organizations. It was founded in 1960s as Bureau of Business Research. The centre is currently working on economic policy research, local forecasting, national, state level data analysis. It releases publications on transportation, energy and public finance.

The headquarters of the organization is located in Munice, Indiana. It is to be noted that in 2011, the organization predicted India to become fifth largest economy in the world by 2020 which India has already achieved in 2019!


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