India International Science Festival, 2023

The eighth India International Science Festival is to be held in Bhopal. The Union Minister Jitendra Singh inaugurated the festival. According to the Government of India, the festival is a step in moving towards “AMRIT KAAL”.

The theme of India International Science Festival, 2023

Marching Towards AMRIT KAAL with Science and Technology

Significance of the theme

The theme aligns with and signifies the following:

  • Self-Reliant India
  • G20 vision of India in 2023 (India is hosting the 2023 G20 meet)
  • One Earth One Family One Future

Events at IISF

This year IISF features 14 events. They are related to student science, Guinness world records, how to develop science through games and toys, scientist conclave, innovation festivals, technology shows, etc.

Key features

Students from more than 2500 schools are to participate. Also, startups from the Biotech and agricultural fields will also participate in the festival

What is AMRIT KAAL in the festival?

The IISF is to focus on AMRIT KAAL. During the 75th Independence Day celebrations held in 2021, PM Modi unveiled a new road map for India. This road map is for 25 years. It talks about how to make India a developed country, how to reduce the differences between rural and urban areas, and more. All these are to be achieved using science and technology. These 25 years were referred to by the Prime Minister as AMRIT KAAL. And the term was frequently used by the finance minister during Budget presentations. The IISF is striving forward in this context.




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