India contributed USD 15.46 million to India-UN Development Partnership Fund

India has contributed $15.46 million to the India-UN Development Partnership Fund, in line with the resolve of the country to contribute to the cause of development for the developing nations and also to sort out the priorities regarding the Sustainable Development Goals.


This amount includes $6 million to the overall fund, which all the developing countries are eligible for partnership and the remaining $9.46 million is dedicated to the development of the Commonwealth countries.

India-UN Development Partnership Fund

This fund is managed by the UNOSSC and it is implemented under the leadership of partner developing countries leveraging the strengths of United Nations Agencies, Funds and Programs. Since its inception in 2017, as many as 55 projects and proposals have been approved till now with a total contribution of $41.8 million towards a $150 million multi-year pledge.


As the developing countries across the world are grappling with a lot of issues to manage the public health, poverty reduction programs and social wellbeing from being suffering a setback and in this situation, mutual support and cooperation is very important now. In this backdrop, India has renewed its pledge for helping fellow developing countries in their national developmental priorities across all the SDGs of the United Nations.


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