India, China 'Hand-in-Hand' joint exercise begins in Pune

On 17th November 2014, Fourth edition of India-China Joint Training Exercise Hand-in-Hand 2014 began at Aundh Military Station in Pune, Maharashtra. This exercise will continue till 25th November 2014.
The Chinese contingent for the exercise comes from 13th Group Army of People’s Liberation Army i.e. Chengdu Military Region and comprises an infantry company along with supporting staff. The opening ceremony was followed by both contingents displaying their weapons which included assault rifles, grenade launchers and other sophisticated equipment.
The aim of the 12 day Indo-China joint exercise is to

  • Share the drills and practices learnt while tackling insurgency and terrorism.
  • Promote healthy military to military relations between the two armies.
  • Develop joint strategies of conducting operations in a counter terrorism environment.

Implications of this joint exercise

  • It will enhance confidence and trust between the two armies that may be called upon to grapple with anti-terrorism operations even under the UN regulations and mandate.
  • It will uphold the values of Peace, Prosperity and Stability in the region by jointly eradicating terrorism with helping each other.
  • It will develop mutual understanding and respect for each other’s military.

Previous editions of military Hand-in-Hand Joint Training exercises between Indian and Chinese Army

  • 1st edition was held in 2007 in China.
  • 2nd edition was held in 2008 in Belgaum, Karnataka.
  • 3rd edition was held in 2013 in China.



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