India-Bangladesh MoU on Kushiyara River

During the 38th Ministerial Meeting of the India-Bangladesh Joint Rivers Commission, the two countries finalized a draft of a Memorandum of Understanding to share the waters of the Kushiyara River on an interim basis.

Key Points

  • In this meeting, the two countries discussed many issues of mutual interest, including river water sharing of rivers, sharing of flood data, focus on river pollution, joint study on sedimentation management, river bank protection between the two countries. tasks etc.
  • All aspects of issues related to Ganga, Teesta, Manu, Muhuri, Khowai, Gumti, Dharla, Dudhkumar etc. other rivers were also discussed during this meeting.
  • Meanwhile, both sides welcomed the finalization of the design of Feni River Water Harvesting Site and its technical infrastructure to meet the drinking water requirements of Sabroom Town, Tripura. It is noteworthy that in this regard, an MoU came into existence between the two countries in October 2019.

Kushiyara River

The Kushiyara River forms the Indo-Bangladesh border as a branch of the Barak River when it separates from the Surma, another branch of the Barak. After flowing some distance in Bangladesh, it meets again with Surma river and this combined river is now called Meghna river.

Manipur, Mizoram and Assam receive water through this river in India.

India and Bangladesh water sharing

  • India and Bangladesh share 54 rivers between them. All the rivers of Bangladesh either have their source in India or pass through it.
  • The Ganges, the major river system in India, flows through Bangladesh into the Bay of Bengal. About 35 million people in about one third of Bangladesh’s area are directly dependent on the Ganges.

Joint River Commission

  • The Joint River Commission between India and Bangladesh was formed in the year 1972 under the peace treaty, through which issues of mutual interest on the border, border rivers can be resolved.
  • The JRC is headed by the Ministers of Water Resources of both the countries.
  • Under this commission, meetings are organized to get mutual benefit from the rivers located between the two countries and to discuss river related issues from time to time.



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