India attends World Health Assembly

The World Health Assembly is the decision-making body of the World Health Organization (WHO). India was represented by Union Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan at the World Health Assembly.

Apart from COVID-19, the World Health Assembly addressed Global Vaccine Plan, polio eradication and neglected tropical diseases.

China and COVID-19

Around 120 countries backed the resolution to conduct investigation on China over the origin of COVID-19.

The name was China was not brought up. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison initiated the investigation on COVID-19. China opposed the investigation.

India to hold the Chair

Also, India is expected to be elected as the chair of the Executive Board of the World Health Assembly. Japan is to be replaced by India.

International Health Regulation Committee

The member countries have agreed to work in close collaboration with the World Organization for Animal Health and also with the Food and Agriculture Organization. The committee will work on the transmission routes of the virus to find out the possible host. The committee will also look for solutions that will help prevent such pandemic outbreaks in the future.

India at the Assembly

Union Heath Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan representing India listed out various measures being taken by India to fight against COVID-19.

World Health Assembly

The World Health Assembly is the highest health policy setting body in the world. It is mainly composed of health ministers. The members of the assembly meet every year in Geneva during the month of May.

The World Health Assembly approves works of World Health Organization and also budgets and elects its Director General.


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