India attends Common Wealth Health Ministers Meet

On May 14, 2020, India attended the 32nd Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting through video conferencing. The meeting was held under the following theme

Theme: Delivering a coordinated Commonwealth COVID-19 response


The member countries shared their experiences and lessons in the fight against COVID-19. They also discussed on the essential collective and national actions. The ministers made recommendations to make sure the unreached population are not left behind. The meeting was chaired by the Fiji Minister for Health and Medical Services Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete.

India’s contributions

India at the meet, shared its measures in response to COVID-19 crisis. The following were presented by Dr Harsh Vardhan at the meet

  • India has announced economic packages of 265 billion USD so far to support economic recovery
  • India is currently at the phase of easing down the lock down.
  • India was the first country to initiate global action in the fight against COVID-19 by convening the meeting of SAARC nations
  • India has also provided Hydroxychloroquine to almost 100 countries that were in urgent need

Common Wealth Grouping

The Common Wealth Grouping comprises of 54 countries. It was established in 1926. It was constituted through London Declaration in 1949. The idea of the grouping was initiated by the British.


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