i2R e-Paper

  • Recently, a group of scientists at Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan have developed an environmentally friendly form of rewritable electronic paper that works without electricity.
  • i2R e-Paper is a paper of same kind as used in fax machines. But, when message is no longer needed, the paper can be erased with the flip of a switch, thus making it usable for up to 260 times.
  • The researchers claim that this is the ideal replacement for the paper signs and posters that are now produced by the millions around the world.

How it is made?

  • The i2R e-paper has a coating in a plastic film covered with cholestric liquid crystal, a type of liquid crystal structured similarly to cholesterol molecules.
  • Writing on the paper can be erased by inserting it into a thermal writing device similar to what is used in fax machines. The technology can be used in products such as digital books, electronic bulletin boards and large-sized digital bulletin boards.


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