Haryana- Israel Agreement on Water Management

Recently, Israel and Haryana government signed a joint declaration in capacity building and integrated water resources management.


  • The joint declaration is a significant milestone as India and Israel are celebrating 30 years of full diplomatic relations.
  • Water security has always been an important pillar of the bilateral relations.

About the agreement

  • Under the agreement, Israel will share its most advanced and cutting-edge water technologies, expertise and know-how with the government of Haryana.
  • Israel will work closely with all of its partners in India, in order to continue enhancing the strategic relations between both the countries.
  • Through the joint declaration, Israel and government of Haryana expressed their willingness to strengthen existing relations in water management sector, improve public health in the region and preserve water resources in public water areas in Haryana.
  • They also seek to cooperate and coordinate efforts in protect the water resources.

India-Israel Diplomatic Ties

India recognised Israel officially in 1950, but both the countries established full diplomatic relations on January 29, 1992. India was among 164 members of the United Nations (UN) to have diplomatic ties with Israel.

Economic Ties

During the April 2020-February 2021, the bilateral trade between both stood at USD 4.14 billion, with balance of trade in favour of India. Trade in diamonds amounts to 50% of total trade. India has the 3rd largest trade partner of Israel, in Asia while 7th largest worldwide.

Defence Ties

India is the largest buyer of military equipment from Israel. Israel is the second-largest defence supplier to India, first being Russia.


India and Israel had signed a three-year work program agreement for agriculture cooperation in May 2021.  The programme seeks to grow existing Centres of Excellence (CoE), bring Centres of Excellence into self-sufficient mode, and encourage private sector companies and collaboration.



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