Gujarat will Supply Treated Waste Water for Industrial Use

In order to address the acute shortage of water the state of Gujarat is facing, the State government has come up with a detailed plan to limit the supply of fresh water only for drinking and irrigation purposes, while the growing demand of industries will be met through treated wastewater to be supplied by the state.

The State of Gujrat has limited sources of fresh water whereas the demand is rising with every passing day. This has necessitated the authorities to adopt novel ways to address the issue by treating wastewater that’s generated in sewage and supplying it for industrial consumption. This also aids in resolving the issue of pollution in cities and towns.

Plan of Action

As per the plan over next 3-4 years, more than 80% of the water requirement of industries will be met through the supply of treated wastewater, which will be supplied from Sewerage Treatment Plants (STPs).

Capacity to Cater

Gujarat’s total sewage water generation is 4,000 MLD (million litres per day), while treatment capacity is 3,500 MLD. Gujarat plans to add new capacity of 1,500 MLD with the setting up of new STPs and expanding the existing ones. The current capacity is left unutilised due to the fact that there is a lack of demand. As a result, the treated water is released into water bodies or farms. The mandatory industrial use will make it mandatory for industries to use treated waters.

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