Guided Bombs

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been ongoing for several years now. Recently, the Ukrainian government has reported an increase in the number of guided bomb attacks carried out by the Russian forces.

Type of Bombs

The Russian forces are using guided bombs to attack Ukraine. These bombs are equipped with wings and a satellite control system that allows for precision targeting. The modern, satellite-guided bomb that Russia has is called the UPAB-1500B. Additionally, the Russian army uses FAB-type bombs, which are high-explosive bombs. Ukrainian military experts believe that Russia currently has two types of guided bombs.

Affected Areas

Kherson, a city in the south of Ukraine, has been particularly affected by the attacks. The regions of Ukraine bordering Russia and Belarus have also been heavily targeted. According to reports, up to 20 guided bomb hits have been registered along the entire front line in recent weeks.

Reasons behind Increased Use of Guided Bombs

The Russian forces are dropping more guided bombs because they are running out of missiles, and guided bombs are cheaper. While the guided bombs are far inferior to modern systems and equipped with outdated technology, they can still hit targets at a great distance from where they are dropped and allow for precise targeting. This gives the Russian forces an advantage over Ukraine.

Defense Against Guided Bombs

It is difficult for Ukraine to defend itself against guided bombs as they currently use Soviet anti-aircraft missile systems that are not effective against aerial bombs. According to experts, Western fighter jets are needed to defend against guided bombs. However, it is risky for Ukraine to deploy modern air defense systems close to the front line as Russian troops will try to destroy them, even if just for propaganda purposes.



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