Google to launch file-sharing feature ‘Nearby Share’

The search-engine giant Google has finally come out with an announcement to launch its own file-sharing feature within the next few weeks. This will be akin to the Air-Drop like feature.


The Nearby Share Feature will allow the users to share files, pictures, videos and links directly between any Android devices running in Android 6 and later versions. This feature has been made available in some of the Pixel devices and Samsung too already but this is the attempt of the company to launch it to the wider audience. This will function without an internet connection as well.

Comparison with Apple’s AirDrop Feature

This feature by Google is similar to the AirDrop feature in the Apple devices. That allows the users to share heavy files, images, videos in a very fast and effective manner between the Apple devices once they are paired. In the AirDrop feature by Apple, one can choose the visibility to prevent any unwanted user to send the files to one’s phone. In the Nearby Feature of Google also one needs to switch on the feature in order to find the nearby devices to appear in the required zone. However, the visibility factor is also enabled here to choose the visibility of a user. Like Apple, the users will get the facility of sharing files between Android phones and Chromebooks.

How to Control Visibility?

In the Nearby Feature, there will be three visibility options including ‘all’, ‘some’ and ‘hidden’. If the ‘all’ option is chosen, you will be visible to all whereas in ‘some’ option, you can manage your visibility. For ‘hidden’, you will not be visible to others.


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