GoI: 30% of Corona Virus cases due to Tablighi Jamaat incident

The Government of India has traced 1,023 cases of COVID-19 to Tablighi Jamaat congregation. The Contact Tracing across 17 states have led to Tablighi Jamaat Congregation.

Tablighi Jamaat

It is a religious congregation that took place in Nizamuddin Markaz Mosque. The incident has emerged to be the 30% source of spread of the virus in the country. Out of all the states, Tamil Nadu is the worst affected. This is because, out of 386 cases, 259 of the cases in Tamil Nadu attended the event.

In Uttar Pradesh around 160 attendees of the event were quarantined. Due to their uncontrollable violence and misbehaviours, National Security Act was invoked against them by the UP Government.

What is Contract Tracing?

Contract Tracing is to find out how the virus has transmitted. It is the process to identify, assess and manage people having exposed to the disease. Guidelines of GoI states that contact tracing must be implemented within 48 hours of reporting.

National Security Act

The act extends to the whole of India. It empowers the Central and State Governments to invoke the act to maintain public order.


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