“Global Indian Physician COVID-19 Collaborative” by doctors of Indian Origin

The doctors of Indian origin spread all over the world have come together under an initiative called “Global Indian Physician COVID-19”. The initiative aims to foster cross system learning.


The initiative will work on early warning algorithm, vaccination, antiviral therapy and plasma therapy of COVID-19. Several leading associations of doctors all over the world namely Global Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin and Canadian Association of Physicians of Indian Heritage are a part of the collaboration.

The collaboration is to meet through video conferencing.


The initiative will help doctors learn about successful drugs being used by doctors spread all over the world. The pros and cons of using drugs that have been recommended so far such as remdesivir, lopinavir, gilead, hydroxychloroquine, etc will be shared.

The drugs to treat the virus are still on clinical trials. Therefore, the association apart from safety and effectivity of the drugs, will also help learn about its activity on different patients.


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