What are ordinance issuing powers of the President?

Article 123 of the Constitution empowers the President t promulgate such ordinances as the circumstances appear to him require when-

  1. Both houses of Parliament are not in session; and
  2. he is satisfied that circumstances exist which render it necessary for him to take immediate action.

It is considered as the most important legislative power of the president. The president may, if he likes, withdraw such an ordinance at any time.

Situations whereby the ordinance comes to an end

An ordinance has the same force and effect as an Act of parliament. An ordinance comes to an end in the following situations;-

  1. Resolutions disapproving the ordinance are passed by both Houses of Parliament;
  2. if the ordinance is not replaced by an Act within the stipulated period;
  3. the executive lets it lapse without bringing it before the Houses of Parliament;
  4. if it is withdrawn by the Government at any time.
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