US Navy ship targeted in Yemenese missile attack

In a failed missile attack from Houthi-controlled Yemen a US Navy destroyer has been targeted recently. In another ballistic missile attack from Yemen, a Saudi air base near Mecca has been raided. This is being seen as the deepest strike by the rebels into the kingdom. However, the missile attack on the US ship failed to hit the same. No injuries to the sailors or to the ship has been reported as the missiles impacted the water before reaching the ship.

The fighters had hit a United Arab Emirates vessel in the Bab al-Mandeb Strait earlier in October. The vessel was operated by the UAE military as part of the Arab coalition in support of Yemen’s government against the rebels. However, no casualties were reported in the attack. The rebels had also launched a missile attack in Taif which is home to Saudi Arabia’s King Fahad  Air Base. Latter is host to US military personnel training centres for the armed forces of the kingdom. However, no damage was reported. The attacks are seen as a response to the killing of about 150 Yemenis in air-strikes on a funeral ceremony. Hundreds were wounded in the raids.  The Arab coalition did not take responsibility of the attack which has been condemned by United Nations, United States of America and also European Union. The conflict has so far claimed more than 10,000 lives Both Saudi Arabia and United States have raised its suspicions over Iran supplying weapons to Houthis. Iran has however constantly denied the charges.


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