Passage Comprehension :

Read the following passage and answer the questions given below it:
The summer looks hot. That isn’t the weatherman talking, but the ice cream marketer, who seems to have abandoned an age-old positioning of the product (as a fun, family treat) in favor of a new one: as an adult indulgence. Leading the new strategy is HLL, which has reworked the marketing communication of its Kwality brand to something more risqué. It’s TV and billboard ads show adults “pleasuring it up” quite suggestively. What’s up? According to an HLL spokesperson, the repositioning is “a bid to reflect the sensorial awakening in society”. “Evidence of which”, the spokesperson continues, “is to be found in the spending one sees at malls and multiplexes”. At any rate, says the spokesperson, given that half of the country’s population is between 18 and 34, its new communication better reflects its image as a youthful and indulgent brand. Rivals haven’t yet followed suit. On the contrary, ones like the Anand-based milk marketing cooperative Amul, whose officials were not available for comment, are sticking to their family-centric campaigns, Will HLL’s new positioning put its Rs.89 crore (2004 revenue) ice cream business on the boil? Hard to say. For, this is one category where availability plays a bigger role than just branding.

Q1. What is the theme of above passage?
1. HLL’s bid of sensorial awakening
2. HLL goes adult with its ice creams
3. Competition in the ice-cream market

Ans: 2
Q2. Which among the following statement is true in context of the passage?
1. New positioning of Kwality ice-cream has increased the revenue of HLL
2. In Ice-cream business brand positioning plays the biggest role.
3. Amul is still sticking to its positioning of product as fun, family treat

Ans. 3
Q3. Which among the following sentences is false in context of the above passage?
1. People within the age ranging between 18 to 34 years constitute the biggest pie of ice-cream consumers .
2. In 2004 HLL earned 89 crores from ice-cream business.
3. Amul is a marketing cooperative company.

Ans. 1
Note: The passage does not discuss about the market share of this age group)
Q4. Which among the following is a most valid reason leading HLL to reposition Kwality Ice-cream as an adult indulgence?
1. Because HLL wants repositioning to reflect the sensorial awakening in the society.
2. Because young people in the age group of 18-34 spend more in malls & multiplexes
3. Because HLL wants to keep itself ahead of its competitors.

Ans. 1.
note: The passage says “repositioning is “a bid to reflect the sensorial awakening in society””
Q5. Which among the following statements is true in context of the passage?
1. Amul is biggest rival of HLL in the ice-cream market
2. Unavailability of ice-cream can nullify the effect of branding
3. HLL’s new marketing strategy emphasizes on product availability in malls & multiplexes.

Ans. 2
Note: last line says : this is one category where availability plays a bigger role than just branding
Q 6. In which of the following sentences the phrase “on the boil” is used correctly?
1. Kashmir remains on the boil as the death toll in firing by security forces over the last two days rose to four.
2. Before you serve, you must bring the soup on the boil.
3. The question is on the boil of who is going to win.

Ans. 1
For choice 2 the correct usage will be : Before you serve, you must bring the soup to a boil. (to the boiling point) . For choice 3 the correct usage will be : It boils down to the question of who is going to win .
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