Indian Rhino Vision – 2020

Indian Rhino Vision 2020 is a partnership among the Government of Assam, the International Rhino Foundation, and the World Wide Fund for Nature, the Bodoland Territorial Council, and the U.S. Fish & World Wildlife foundation that aims to attain a population of 3,000 wild greater one-horned rhinos in seven of Assam’s protected areas by the year 2020.

Its main initiatives include:

  • Improving the protection and security of rhinos in all rhino areas in Assam.
  • Expanding the distribution of rhinos over seven protected areas to reduce the risks associated with having a whole population in one area.
  • Translocating rhinos from two source populations (Kaziranga and Pabitora) into five target protected areas (Manas, Laokhowa, Buracharpori-Kochmora, Dibrusaikhowa and Orang)

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