Difference between Cropping Pattern and Cropping System

‘Cropping pattern’ and ‘cropping system’ are two terms used interchangeably; however these are two different concepts. While cropping pattern refers to the yearly sequence and spatial arrangement of crops or of crops and fallow in a particular land area; Cropping system refers to cropping pattern as well as its interaction with resources; technology, environment etc.

Thus, a cropping system comprises cropping pattern plus all components required for the production of a particular crop and the interrelationships between them and environment. Cropping system is a critical aspect in developing an effective ecological farming system to manage and organize crops so that they best utilize the available resources.(soil, air, sunlight, water, labour, equipments). It represents cropping patterns used on a farm and their interaction with farm resources and farm enterprises and available technology which determine their makeup. It is executed in the field level.

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