GK & Current Affairs: June 19, 2013

1. Which among the following is the only satellite of Ecuador that collided with the Russian rocket debris recently?

The nano-satellite, called Pegasus is the Ecuador’s first and only satellite in orbit. Expert said Pegasus had collided with the debris from a Soviet rocket but was still in orbit. Pegasus, a small cube weighing just 1.2kg, has been orbiting the Earth at a height of 650km.

2. Which among the following states has recently become the first in India to provide tablet PC to ASHA worker?

Rajasthan became the first state in the country to provide tablet PC to ASHA workers. Under a pilot project “E-ASHA” of UNICEF and State Health Department, the Asha Sahyoginis of Jasol village are the first ones in the country to get this facility.

3. On which among the following dates, the World Day to Combat Desertification is observed ?
[A]June 16
[B]June 17
[C]June 18
[D]June 19

June 17
World Day to Combat Desertification is observed on June 17. The Theme of 2013 World Day to Combat Desertification was “Drought and Water Scarcity”.

4. The famous Padmanabhapuram palace is in which of the following states?
[B]Tamil Nadu
[D]Andhra Pradesh

Tamil Nadu
The Padmanabhapuram palace is located near Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu. Recently, an advisory committee on World Heritage matters constituted by the Union Ministry of Culture, has recommended this palace, known for its exquisite wood-work, innovative design and beautiful mural paintings be included in the
tentative list. This royal mansion was home to the kings of Travancore for about 200 years before the capital was shifted to Thiruvanthapuram.

5. The Indian-born journalist, who has been appointed as editor of a British national newspaper “The Independent” is?
[A]Amol Rajan
[B]Joseph Harker
[C]Dinesh Butto
[D]Thomas Mathew

Amol Rajan
Amol Rajan, A Kolkata-born journalist has been appointed editor of a British National newspaper “The Independent”. With this Rajan became the first non-white editor of “The Independent”.

6. Which of the following team has won the European under 21 championship?

Spain beat Italy to lift Euro Under-21 title for the second consecutive time.

7. According to latest air traffic figures, which of the following company has maximum share in domestic aviation market?
[A]Jet Airways
[C]Spice Jet

The latest air traffic figures shows IndiGo has cornered 29.5per cent of domestic aviation market in May, followed by Jet Airways and its subsidiary JetLite with 22.5 per cent. While Spice Jet was in the third place with 19.8 per cent market share, Air India (Domestic) followed closely with 19.1 per cent and GoAir with nine per cent. IndiGo has recorded the highest passenger load factor (PLF) of 89.6 per cent, with GoAir in the second place with 85.8 per cent.

8. The first ever Chinese Film Festival has been inaugurated in India at ___?
[D]New Delhi

New Delhi
The Government of India and Government of China joined hands to organizing the first ever Chinese film festival in India from 18 June 2013 to 23 June 2013 at Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi.

9. Recently, a team of Archaeologists have discovered 1,200 year old long-lost city in which of the following country?
[A]Sri Lanka

A lost city that thrived on a mist-shrouded Cambodian mountain 1,200 year ago has been discovered by archaeologists using airborne laser technology. It is believed to be the lost city if Mahendraparvata, located on a misty mountain called Phnom Kulen deep in the hinterland of Cambodia. It was thought to be built

10. Recently, the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), has been granted permission for satellite tracking of which of following bird species?
[A]The Great Indian Bustard
[C]Bengal Florican
[D]Lesser Florican

The Great Indian Bustard
The Great Indian Bustard, one of the endangered flying bird species in the world, will soon be tracked by satellite by the Wildlife Institute of India to understand the movement of this rare bird and its preferred habitat. The move is viewed as a major push towards saving the dwindling population of the species from hunting and loss of its habitat, primarily in Rajasthan and Gujarat, besides few other Indian states like Maharastra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

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