Gen-Next Democratic Network’ initiative- Key Facts

Under the new initiative called “Gen-Next Democratic Network” initiative, India is set to host young leaders aged under 35.

Key Points

  • This event will be organised in November 2021.
  • It has been planned by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR).
  • ICCR is an autonomous body working under the Ministry of External Affairs. It deals with the policies related to India’s external cultural relations.
  • Young leaders would be invited from 75 different democracies.
  • These young leaders will be invited from ruling party, opposition party and other key parties.
  • 5-7 leaders will be invited in different groups, to attend the event.

Inaugural Batch

The inaugural batch will comprise of leaders from countries like Bangladesh, Bangladesh, Chile, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Japan and Zambia. Structure comprises of countries representing regions and continents such as South East Asia and Africa.

Who will inaugurate the event?

This event will be inaugurated by the speaker of Lok Sabha, Om Birla. The event will take place from November 25.

Purpose of the meeting

Through this event, organisers are approaching and trying to build relations with Gen-next of 75 democracies. These people will become future leader of their respective countries. This, through this event, they will get a comprehensive idea of rich democratic culture in India. They will also go to at least one state with ICCR.


This initiative has been launched by in the light that, India has been taking a lead role in the area of geo politics of democracies.


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